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Up in the Boston Mountains is where it all begins for the Buffalo National River. The stream runs up north and towards the east into the Ozark Mountains where it becomes the beautiful Buffalo River we all know and love. In the Ozark Mountains, the stream connects to the White River in Buffalo City.

Ponca, Arkansas is just a few miles from Boulder Bluffs, the highest rated and most reviewed Jasper AR cabin rentals, and that is where the upper Buffalo boasts its greatest views. Whether you are hiking one of the soaring bluffs or the countless hiking trails along the side of the Buffalo River or taking a relaxing float down the great Buffalo, you will encounter numerous waterfalls, new wildlife, and historic buildings. This untouched wilderness is nature’s mid-America destination of your dreams!

The Buffalo River has held its beauty because it is protected by Congress. In 1972, it was made America’s very first National River. This means that any sort of commercial or residential development can not take place anywhere on this sacred land. The Buffalo River will remain intact and protected for those seeking adventure to explore and discover.

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Along the Buffalo River, not only are there endless Jasper AR cabin rentals but there is also an abundance of beautiful waterfalls. Here are some of the most breathtaking falls in the area:

Lost Valley

The Lost Valley trail is 2.2 miles long and is the best hike in the state of Arkansas. The falls at Lost Valley are best seen after a nice rain but even in the summertime, it is a beautiful sight to see. There is also an extended piece of this trail where you will find a fall inside of a cave. This will require a flashlight and a bit of crawling but is absolutely worth the adventure. Keep an eye out for the friendly bats hanging upside down and enjoy the view once you get inside!

Hideout Hollow 

This is an enjoyable 2 mile trail that will lead you to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Arkansas. Cascading waterfalls scatter this hike and rumor has it that Jesse James and his posse used this hollow to hide from the law for a time. 

Hemmed-In Hollow

Hemmed-In Hollow is the largest waterfall you will find for hundreds of miles. It is best seen during the spring with consistent rainfall but the rock formations around the fall are themselves breathtaking. This fall is over 200 feet tall and is an absolute MUST during your stay.

Whitaker Point

This is one of the most rewarding trails in Arkansas and we are sure that you have seen this iconic point in photos around the world. During the hike to the point, you will have the option to take a left or to take a right. Both directions lead you to Whitaker Point. If you go to the right, you will come across some beautiful falls.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is a longer, 5.1 mile, trail that leads you to a beautiful fall. It has stunning views year round. Pets are allowed on this trail with a leash.

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Swimming Holes

Just a few miles from Boulder Bluffs, the highest rated and most reviewed Jasper AR cabin rentals, there are countless swimming holes along the Little Buffalo River. It is a short drive down the river and to the holes. A great way to have fun and cool off in the summer!

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Hiking Trails

Jasper Cabin Rentals Hiking Trails

Hemmed-In Hollow

  • 31 miles from Boulder Bluffs
  • 5 mile round trip hike
  • 200 foot waterfall

Big Bluff

  • 21 miles from Boulder Bluffs
  • 6 mile round trip hike
  • 550 foot tall bluff

The Buffalo River Trail

  • 12 miles from Boulder Bluffs
  • 37 mile hike 
  • Dozens of bluffs and falls

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There are many local caverns scattered across the mountains. You may come across some during your hikes around Kelly’s Cabin or the Cozy Cedar. There are also many caverns around these Jasper AR cabin rentals that have phenomenal tours that are highly recommended. One of these is called Mystic Caverns. There are two options at Mystic Caverns. The first is The Mystic Cavern and the second is The Crystal Dome. Both are great fun for the whole family!

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Local Restaurants

Boulder Bluffs 03

Ozark Cafe

The Ozark Cafe is our favorite place for any meal! For over 100 years, they have been serving Jasper with some of the best food. You can also catch the areas best live music here as well!

Blue Mountain Cafe and Bakery

This is a great spot for a specialty coffee and baked good with a friend or even to grab lunch. With a unique environment, the historical building makes you feel like you’re stepping into a time capsule.

Low Gap Cafe

Whether you are looking for the perfect steak or a great spot to stop for lunch, The Low Gap Cafe is some of the best food for miles. 


Incase you need that quick dependable bite, Jasper offers a great Subway sandwich!


If you would like to stock up the fridge for a week, no need to bring an ice chest full of food! There is a local Harps with a wide variety of groceries! Feel free to make the 7 mile drive to the local harps and purchase your favorite foods and ingredients to make that perfect cabin meal!

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There are many more attractions around Jasper AR cabin rentals! Romantic and remote bluffs can be found everywhere! If you are a mountain biker, there are trails scattered throughout the Oark Mountains! Jasper Mountain Biking is quite popular due to the abundance of intense trails throughout the land. 

Throughout the state of Arkansas, there are dozens of mountain biking trails to explore but the BOC Ponca Downhill Mountain Bike Trails are the longest, downhill, trails in Arkansas. Descending over 1,300 feet, this woven network of gravity lines is some of the best runs you will find in the state. All mid to high-level riders will enjoy the downhill trails. There is also an uphill and downhill trail which is best suited for beginner-intermediate level riders. 

There are dozens of trails along the buffalo river from the Lower Miner’s, The Skull Cracker and, White Lightning. There is no lack of mountain biking trails with a stunning view along the Buffalo River.

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