Kelly’s Cabin: Jasper AR Cabin Rentals

Jasper Cabin Rentals Boulder Bluffs Fall 29

Sleeps Up To 5



  • 2 Queen Beds

  • 1 Twin Bed


  • 1 Bathroom


  • Fully Stocked With Cooking Supplies



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Once a hunting cabin nestled into the side of Reynolds Mountain, Kelly’s cabin has been converted into a cozy Jasper AR Cabin Rentals perfect for any getaway. Inside the cabin, you will find a fully stocked kitchen, bathroom, and living area. The wood floors and the unique decorations warmly welcome you as you walk inside. Locally sourced timber covers every inch of this cabin, providing wonderful aromas year-round.



Jasper Cabin Rentals Inside Kellys 22

There is an open living space where seating and beds are available when you step inside. The Jasper AR Cabin Rentals is equipped with a heating and air unit that keeps the entire cabin warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Listen to records while enjoying the hanging cafe lights outside on the porch. A unique and bright pink spiral staircase leads you up to the loft, where another bed sets that can sleep two.



Jasper Cabin Rentals Inside Kellys 6

The bathroom has plenty of storage and comes fully stocked with towels and paper goods. The shower and all water in the cabin run from pure mountain spring water bursting with healthy minerals.



Jasper Cabin Rentals Inside Kellys 14

The kitchen is the heart of Kelly’s cabin, where families gather to make meals that they’ll never forget. There is no need to bring any pots, pans, or basic spices. We’ve got you covered! The kitchen is fully stocked with plates, cups, funky mugs, and silverware. While cooking breakfast, you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee from the provided coffee maker and ground beans. In the bar inside the kitchen, you can eat your meal while also gazing at the picturesque view out of the windows spanning from wall to wall.



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When you venture outside of the cabin, there is a large attached and partially covered deck for more seating and enjoying the outdoors. There are dozens of different species of birds that visit the edge of the porch at the large bird feeder. You will find curiosities, unique arrowheads, stones, and art pieces all around the cabin and on the porch. Every inch of Kelly’s cabin has a unique piece of art or local decorations with a unique story behind it. Suppose a guest finds something interesting in their explanation of the Ozark Mountains. In that case, they will frequently leave it at Kelly’s cabin and add to the story.

Stepping down off the deck, you can enjoy the fire pit built perfectly for roasting marshmallows. Stacks of firewood are readily available year-round for you to enjoy.



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When you look off the side of the Bluff, you will find the highlight of this stay. The beautiful observation deck floats 20 feet above the Bluff. Here, the view is often described as “a painting that has jumped off of the canvas and come to life.” When you stand on the edge of the red iron overlook, you can hear nothing but wildlife echoing throughout the mountains. It is the most peaceful place on earth where you can completely reset your mind and body.

Take a short break from the hustle and bustle of a busy life, or take an extended stay in one of the most beautiful Jasper AR Cabin Rentals in Arkansas.


The Cozy Cedar

Jasper Cabin Rentals Cozy Cedar 1

Sleeps 2



  • 1 Queen Bed


  • 1 Bathroom


  • Fully Stocked With Cooking Supplies


The Cabin

The perfect stay for two people to get away! The walls of this cozy cabin are covered in local cedar trees. Beautiful woodwork throughout the entire cabin welcomes you as soon as you walk in the front door. Much like Kelly’s cabin, the Cozy Cedar comes fully stocked! You will find pots, pans, and silverware inside of the kitchen. No need to bring plates or paper goods since those will be provided for you. The kitchen also has a beautiful cedar bar where you and your significant other can enjoy a home-cooked meal! 


The Kitchen

In the kitchen area, there is a small living space with some seating that is perfect for reading a great book or just taking a nap. The bedroom has plenty of storage to keep your clothes during your stay. Enjoy warm lighting in the bedroom that creates a cozy and romantic vibe. The bed comfortably sleeps two people. 


The Living Space

This cabin has also been upgraded to a remote-controlled heating and air system to ensure that you always stay warm or cool no matter what season it is! The wide array of books in the cabin will keep you busy during your cozy stay and will provide you with plenty of adventure! You can also venture outside of the cabin and enjoy a cup of coffee on the attached porch. You can easily see the beautiful view over the bluff next to Kelly’s Cabin. 


Outside The Cabin

You can find many different species of wildlife wandering around outside of the cabin. Often, you will see white-tailed deer, turkeys, and many different types of birds. It is an incredibly quiet and peaceful place for you yourself or you with your significant other to refresh and relax. Nothing is better than to take a break from a busy week of hustle and bustle than getting away to the Cozy Cedar and snuggling up with a great book. There is plenty of seating outside of the cabin to watch the wildlife or to just watch the beautiful Arkansas Sunset! Grab a blanket from inside of the cabin, snuggle up under the cafe lights, and enjoy a quiet evening with your loved one!

If you have questions about either Kelly’s Cabin or The Cozy Cedar, please feel free to contact us. We do keep the cabins stocked and furnished but if you have a question on whether or not we keep something inside of one of the cabins, please shoot us a call or text and we would be happy to answer any of your questions. Our goal is for you to have the most enjoyable stay possible and hospitality is number one to us! We look forward to hosting yo and we’ll see you soon at Boulder Bluffs!


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