Jasper Hiking Trails

Round Top Mountain Trail


This is a beautiful 4 mile hike very close to Jasper Arkansas and is one of the best Jasper Hiking Trails. It has an incredible view of the river along the hike and has some great switchbacks! This trail is dog-friendly as long as your dog is on a leash. My favorite time for this hike is in the middle of the fall so you can see all of the beautiful colors! 


During this hike, your elevation will change by around 300 feet. You will see many different kinds of wildlife and multiple different kinds of trees and plants. Throughout the trail, there are many points that are great for stopping and taking a break. While taking a quick stop, make sure to snap a couple of photos! The views along thig hike are incredible and are matched by no other trail. 


You will be hiking up the mountains of Jasper and enjoying some of the best views in this quaint town. There are multiple different loops to this trail and each and every one of them are worth venturing into! If you decide to take one loop, give the next one a shot when you loop around for the most out of this Jasper hiking trails!


Arkansas Grand Canyon


The Arkansas Grand Canyon is connected to a few Jasper hiking trails but is also a great place to stop for a rest! As you park in the humongous parking lot, you will be greeted by a panoramic view that can’t be described in words. You can simply see for miles and miles! 


Next to the parking lot is a multi level observation deck that you can climb up and see even better! Most Jasper AR Cabin Rentals people will climb up onto the observation deck to snap that perfect panoramic view! Make sure to bring a jacket with you on this stop because the winds up here can be quite chilly in the fall and wintertime!

Below the observation deck is a quaint little gift shop! Here you can refuel from your hike on trail mix and snacks. You can also rummage through the locally sourced goods. You will find local stones and carvings. Anything from Jasper hiking trails mugs to walking sticks for your next hike! It is a great place for a photo op between hikes or just to rest for a few minutes!


Koen Interpretive Trail

The Koren Trail is one of the easiest Jasper hiking trails to access and to hike! It weaves through an 800 acre forest that was created back in 1950. 

There are many short trails for you to explore here at the Jasper AR Cabin Rentals. All of them are less than a mile long. This is a great stop for the whole family being that the trails are so simple to venture through but yet so full of things to see! 


Mill Creek Trailhead


The Mill Creek Trailhead is one of the Jasper hiking trails that is near Pruitt Arkansas. It is located right next to the Big Buffalo River. This is a great trail to hike if you would like to also hop into the Buffalo River given that there is a great launch point locally in Pruitt. Currently, there is much construction going on in this area because of the renovation of the Dogpatch Park. It would be wise to check ahead to ensure that the trailhead is in fact open to the Jasper AR Cabin Rentals public. 


Buffalo River Trailhead – Pruitt


One of the most extensive hiking trails in the area! This trail stretches over 24 miles and increases in elevation by over 3,000 feet! This can be one of the more difficult trails to venture down but is absolutely worth it! It boasts a beautiful waterfall and spends most of its time near the Big Buffalo River. You can see many large bluffs and amazing rock formations next to this trail. 


Once you get up to a higher elevation, you can see some of the greatest views the Buffalo River has to offer. It gives you an incredible vantage point and allows you to see for miles.


Big Bluff Goat Trail


The Big Bluff Goat Trail is the trail that is a must see when visiting Boulder Bluffs! This is the most scenic trail in our own personal opinion! If you are not a fan of heights, this may not be the trail for you. 


When you reach the iconic Big Bluff, you can look out at the Buffalo River and it is almost a sort of optical illusion. You are able to look out over the bluff and instead of seeing the beautiful skyline, you are able to see the great Buffalo! Make sure you visit this trail before returning home or you’ll regret it!


Centerpoint Trailhead


This trailhead is closer to Ponca Arkansas and has an elevation of just over 1,000 feet. It is 5.9 miles long and is a more difficult trail to hike. It also features many large cliffs and bluffs and is not recommended for those who are not fond of heights! This is the tallest bluff along the Buffalo River at over 500 feet tall! Snag the perfect panorama when you are up at the top!


Lost Valley Trailhead


The Lost Valley Trailhead is a bit of a drive from Boulder Bluffs but is a personal favorite of ours. The trail is well kept, clean, and has plenty of amenities! There is a large parking lot that is usually full on the beautiful fall and spring days. Next to the parking lot is restrooms that are well kept. The trail has something for everyone including a running creek, large boulders to climb, and an incredible cove! At the end of the trail, there is a breathtaking waterfall that is a must see! 


If you venture up and around past the waterfall, you will be able to access a cave but be careful as it is slick. If you enter the cave, be sure to bring a flashlight. It gets dark. At one point, you will have to get on your knees and possibly even your stomach to get to the massive opening. Beware of bats hanging upside down and do not disturb them. Instead, just take advantage of the opportunity to view a bat sleeping in a cave. Once you get to the end, the cave opens up into a tall and open area. Inside of this area is a waterfall and it can be quite loud. It is a dark and cold place. There is a magic inside of this cave and it gives you a sense of just how dark a cave can get.