Where is the Best Place to Propose in the Ozarks?

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Congratulations! You are about to propose to your best friend! Now you have to find the absolute best place to propose in the Ozarks that will help to create that perfect moment in time that both of you will remember forever! 

When looking for the best place to propose in the Ozarks, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

What is the best location to propose in the Ozarks?

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Location… Location… Location…


Finding the best location and the best place to propose in the Ozarks can be tricky. It is best to find a location that you and your fiancé can get to easily and will be memorable for years to come. The Ozarks have many INCREDIBLE views and locations that make for the perfect proposal spot:

  • The end of a long romantic hike
  • At the edge of the Buffalo River
  • Next to a cozy cabin in the woods


Finding the perfect proposal spot comes down to what you both enjoy doing most. You should also consider any locations that you have created fond memories at. Such as a specific cabin, water fall, or scenic trail. Thankfully, from Compton to Jasper and from Jasper to Hasty, there is no shortage of perfect proposal spots in the Ozarks!

Should you find a private spot to propose in the Ozarks?

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This really depends on the type of people that you two are. Many couples prefer quiet and cozy proposals where just the two get to enjoy the special moment with each other. Some couples enjoy larger crowds or more public places such as busy trails that have spectators galore. Some great options for the best place to propose in the Ozarks in regards to privacy include:

  • A cozy cabin 
  • A lesser traveled trail
  • A remote waterfall


All of these options are not guaranteed to be completely private due to the possibility of neighboring cabins and other travelers along the trails but they do produce a higher likelihood of privacy due to their nature.

What kind of scenery should you look for when looking for the best place to propose in the Ozarks?

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One of the most popular choices for proposals in the Ozarks is proposing on the edge of a bluff with an incredible view. There is nothing more romantic than looking off into the Ozark Mountains with your new Fiancé on the edge of a bluff nestled up in a cozy cabin. Another positive of proposing with mountains in the background is that the photos will be absolutely stunning!!! 


Some other options for great scenery include:

  • Rushing waterfalls
  • Coves and hollows
  • The edge of the Buffalo River

Should you consider a spot that you can return to for anniversaries?

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Although this is an exciting moment in time, you should also think into the future when picking the perfect spot to propose. Finding a location that allows you and your significant other to return year after year can be a big factor in finding the perfect spot. A cabin that you can rent every single year during your anniversary is a popular decision for most couples. 

Is Boulder Bluffs a good place to propose?

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Boulder Bluffs has hosted many couples for cozy and romantic weekends. There have been many people who have gotten engaged out on the romantic observation deck that spans over the ozark mountains. It has been argued to be the perfect spot to propose.




Boulder Bluffs is a secluded and remote location. The only others that may be around during the proposal are the other guests. They are spaced out nicely and this provides a nice amount of privacy. 




Boulder Bluffs does host other guests at the same time in cabins that are nearby but with a quick message ahead of time, we can gladly organize privacy for you and your significant other!




The views at Boulder Bluffs are absolutely breathtaking! One of the biggest things that makes Boulder Bluffs the best place to propose in the Ozarks is because of the unique scenery. The observation deck that stretches into the painted mountains is a one of a kind feature that no other location in the Ozarks have. Your engagement will be one of a kind and there is no other place in Arkansas that has this same view. 




All guests who stay at Boulder Bluffs get 10% off of their second stay! We love seeing couples get engaged but we absolutely love getting to see them as their relationship progresses. It is such a special thing to be able to take your spouse to the spot where it all began. Year after year, there are guests who return to visit the romantic cabins and to see that special spot!


We would love to host you for this special occasion! If you have any questions you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page and one of our team members will reach out to you! Feel free to ask for any special requests for your stay to make the special moment even more incredible! 


You can book your stay directly through our website or you can use other booking platforms as well such as AIRBNB. 


Picking the perfect spot can be difficult but our goal is to make the process as simple and enjoyable for you as possible! This is a once in a lifetime event and the Boulder Bluffs team can not wait to share it with you!


Once you get your photos from the special moment, please send them to our team and we would love to celebrate the event with you online through social media! 


We appreciate you considering Boulder Bluffs and we hope to see you soon! 



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