Your Peaceful Retreat
Just a Few Miles From the Buffalo River

The Boulder Bluff Cabins are nestled just seven miles to the West of the small town of Jasper, Arkansas. This secluded cabin boasts a beautiful view of Henson Creek. Deep under this cabin lies the historical Diamond Mind Cave which spans for miles. Kelly’s cabin is the larger of two cabins and is located next to the bluff. From inside of the cabin, you can sit at the bar and gaze at the breathtaking view that is ever so changing. During the fall and winter times, the valley spins with mesmerizing fog and beautiful sunsets. With all of this privacy, it’s hard to believe you are just a few minutes away from the best floating, canoeing, and kayaking in Arkansas.


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Boulder Bluffs is the perfect getaway spot for the adventurer at heart looking for Jasper AR Cabin Rentals. If you love driving into the woods across Arkansas backroads and discovering new trails, Boulder Bluffs is for you! We do highly recommend those that visit Boulder Bluffs drive a four wheel drive vehicle because of the steep incline on the Arkansas backroads. 


You can expect to see many different types of wildlife at these Jasper AR Cabin Rentals as well as many different types of plants and trees! Hiking through the 26 acres is one of the most popular things that guests do while at Boulder Bluffs, besides sitting on the iron deck and enjoying the incredible and breathtaking view.


Visiting Boulder bluffs is an incredible experience in every season but each season has its own perks:

  1. Spring – 
    1. Waterfalls are absolutely RUSHING during this part of the year. With all of the rain, you can see some of the most incredible falls when visiting these Jasper AR cabin rentals. The weather is also mild and very enjoyable!
  2. Summer – 
    1. This is a great time to float the river! Having just wrapped up the rainy season, you get to reap the benefits of the flowing water under the Arkansas sun! The cooling river is the perfect thing for a warm summer day!
  3. Fall – 
    1. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year for these Jasper AR cabin rentals simply because of the wide array of colors. The forest looks like a painted wonder and is absolutely breathtaking. 
  4. Winter – 
    1. The perfect time to cozy up inside these warm and quaint cabins. Winter it the best time to brew a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the snowfall in the rolling Ozark mountains!


Boulder Bluffs is tucked away in the Ozarks on a mountain called Reynolds Mountain. The drive is one of many scenic views and incredible sights. You will see wildlife all the way up the mountain on this Arkansas Backroad. We highly recommend those that are visiting Boulder Bluffs drive a Four Wheel Drive vehicle because of the last leg of the 4 mile drive. There is a quite steep stint in the drive that is achievable with a two wheel drive vehicle but it is much easier with a four wheel drive vehicle.


There are no other Jasper AR cabin rentals that match the views and the experience that Boulder Bluffs brings you. The cozy cabins provide you with everything that you may need to have a comfortable weekend away in the mountains. The view is one of a kind and the only other people that you will encounter are other visitors of Boulder Bluffs. The property is very far and away from any other sort of population and is an incredibly serene location to enjoy a vacation!

There are many ways that you can book a stay at the Jasper AR cabin rentals of choice for many people! You can book with us on many different sites such as AIRBNB, VRBO, and with Google as well. We are also happy to book your stay directly! 


To book your stay directly, call one of our staff members by dialing  870-261-9446 or by filling out our form on the website. We will need to know what dates that you are interested in and how many people you would like to host at Boulder Bluffs. We are able to book a minimum of two nights and up to one month. We have discounts for those looking to stay at Boulder Bluffs for a longer period of time. Just ask one of our staff members about the extended stay discounts and we would be happy to help you!


Boulder Bluffs is constantly expanding to new types of cabins and even to glamping options for those looking to have more of an outdoors experience in comfort! These glamping tents will have showers, restrooms, controlled air units, heat, rocking chairs, a bed with linens and pillows, electricity, and running water. We are excited to open these new spots up very soon as we have had many guests reach out to ask if this will be available soon!


We love being able to share your experience with others online! When you stay at Boulder Bluffs, we highly encourage you to send photos your experiences and great memories over to our team! We often will share these photos on social media and on our website with your permission! Some of the greatest photos come from our incredibly talented guests who are professional or semi-professional photographers. We have the honor of hosting some of the most talented people in this side of the country and we greatly appreciate them. If you know anybody who is interested in staying at Boulder Bluffs and creating incredible content while they are there, we would love to hear from them and offer them a discounted rate to stay at the property!


Having served so many great adventures in the great state of Arkansas, Boulder Bluffs has earned the spot as the highest rated and most reviewed cabins in the greater Jasper, AR area! We love providing our guests with incredible service and love to see couples and families every single year return to visit their favorite vacation spot! We also enjoy seeing our return guests so much that we do offer return visit discounts. You will receive one of these discount cards at the end of your stay at Boulder Bluffs. 


If you have any questions about amenities and local attractions that you can do with your loved ones while at Boulder Bluffs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask any questions! We love helping local travelers and make sure they get to see the best highlights of the Ozark mountains while they are visiting. Different seasons bring different benefits and our goal is to make sure you get the best experience while you are here! We will see you soon at Boulder Bluffs!