Jasper Waterfalls

Hemmed-In Hollow Falls


  • 31 Miles from Boulder Bluffs


This is a 5 mile, round trip trail that is heavily trafficked due to its sheer beauty. The 200 foot Jasper waterfalls at the end of the trail is absolutely worth the hike. Hikers come from across the state to view this breathtaking fall. The best time to visit this waterfall is after a great rainfall so that you get the full experience of the Jasper Waterfalls. Even if it hasn’t rained recently, the falls often are still running. If you make it out and the falls are not running, it is not a waste of a hike. You will experience incredible views and when you get to the fall, the rock formations around the fall is absolutely incredible. This is a waterfall for the books and is an absolute must if you make it out to Boulder Bluffs. 


Google maps will lead you directly to Hemmed-In Hollow and it is very easy to navigate to. The location of the fall can be reached from 3 separate hiking trails. 


Lost Valley Falls


  • 22 Miles from Boulder Bluffs


The most popular trail and Jasper waterfalls near Boulder Bluffs is Lost Valley Falls and it does not disappoint. There is absolutely something for everyone here at Lost Valley. The trail is very well maintained and there is no bad time to visit Lost Valley. Once you hike the trail, you will find yourself at Lost Valley Jasper Waterfalls where a beautiful waterfall bounces off massive boulders and lands in a pool of spring water.  This fall is almost always running year round and is a top pick for local photographers and for photographers across the country. Long shutter photos of this fall can be seen on postcards everywhere. 


There is plenty of parking and even restrooms at Lost Valley Trailhead. It is very easy to locate and is a scenic drive from Boulder Bluffs. 


Twin Falls


  • 39 Miles from Boulder Bluffs


This is a 5.1 mile hike and has a medium level of traffic on any given day. All year round there is an activity for everyone! Even dogs are allowed on the trail as long as they are on a leash. It is a nice walk through the forest that will lead you to this beautiful couple of falls spanning 50 feet tall. There is a beautiful creek that you will be able to walk along on your walk to the Jasper waterfalls. It is best seen after a nice rainfall.


There is a small parking lot to leave your vehicle. 


Indian Creek


  • 13 Miles from Boulder Bluffs


This is one of the Hidden Gems of the Jasper waterfalls. This trail is for more experienced hikers who are looking for a challenge to get to the beautiful waterfalls. Proceed on this trail with caution as this trail is unmaintained. The view is absolutely worth it though. If you are afraid of heights or danger, this is not the trail for you. It is often said this is the fall that time forgot. It is beautifully preserved deep into the forest. It is a fun trail to visit and you will always find something new on your way to the falls. The falls scatter this entire trail and we recommend visiting the trail to discover all of the falls! If you make it all the way to The Eye of the Needle, you may find it with water flowing heavily and be able to capture a rare photo of the formation. 


This is not a trail for beginners. 


Paige Falls / Broadwater Hollow


  • 32 Miles from Boulder Bluffs


A beautiful trail leads you to a fall that drops from a rock formation into a blue pool of water. This unique geology is worth the short .7 mile hike. The rocks are carved out under the falls which gives it a slight overhang above the pool of water. The falls are great to see year-round and the trail is moderately busy during all seasons. 


We recommend that you use a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get to the trailhead.


Sweden Creek Falls


  • 32 Miles from Boulder Bluffs

A moderately traveled 1.5 mile hike will lead you to an 81 foot free falling waterfall. This waterfall is definitely best seen after the rain. It falls off the edge of a lengthy bluff and is a joy to see. Once you get to the main fall, off to your right, there will be a handful of other smaller falls that are absolutely worth seeing as well as the main fall. This is one of the Jasper waterfalls that does not have a parking lot and you will have to park on the side of the road and hike the rest of the way. 


QuiVaLa Elise Waterfall


  • 32 Miles from Boulder Bluffs

This is a nice 1.6 mile hike to a beautiful rushing waterfall. It has moderate traffic and dogs on leashes are welcome! The falls are best seen after a moderate rainfall. The name of the falls might be hard to pronounce because it is actually an Indian word that means “Who Goes There”. The fall stretches 21 feet tall and rushes between two moss covered boulders. This is the perfect spot for any photographer to take that long exposure shot during the golden hour!


This is a fairly simple fall to get to and is recommended for everyone to check out!


If you have any questions about the local waterfalls or which one would be recommended for you, please feel free to reach out. It is also a good use of time to visit some of the local stores and restaurants to meet the locals. The best views are always ones that are undiscovered by the masses. You may be able to find yourself your own private waterfall that you can explore and enjoy. Get creative and find something new! We are sure that you won’t regret it and we hope you will send in your photos so others can also enjoy it! Also, feel free to hashtag your posts of any waterfall you find with the hashtag #BoulderBluffs so we can share it with all of the other guests!