Jasper Caverns

There are plenty of Jasper caverns across the Ozark Mountains! They are scattered everywhere and you may run across one while on a weekend hike! You can explore across the Buffalo National Park nearby and discover many small caverns and caves while you are out and about. Here below are listed just a couple of Caverns that may peak your interest!


Mystic Caverns


Mystic Caverns is one of the Jasper Caverns that you can visit during your stay at Boulder Bluff. The Mystic Caverns is a once and a lifetime experience where you can view two incredible caves! Both of these incredible caves have guided tours where you will learn about the origins of the cave. Both of the caves were first founded by settlers that were traveling through this area.


The first of the two Jasper caverns is called Mystic Cavern. This cavern was first called Mansion Cave since it has such massive calcite structures that are around every corner in this cave below the surface of the earth. The Pipe Organ is something you will be able to find inside of the Jasper caverns and it spans 30 feet from top to bottom. These Jasper caverns also include many rare structures that are not found in many other caves in these great United States.


The other of the Jasper Caverns that you will find here is called the Crystal Dome. It is located quite close to the Mystic Cavern and was first found back in 1967. When it was first found, those who discovered it were taken back by the beauty of the cave that had never been touched by human hands. It was perfectly kept and was a massive dark void into the earth. Inside of Crystal Dome, there is an impressive structure called the “Crystal Bell” and it is absolutely a sight to see! 


The guided tours for both of these caverns are around 40 minutes long and are the perfect spot to take the family all year round!


These caverns are just a short drive up North on Highway 7. Just turn to go North from the Jasper square for a few miles and you’re sure to see the large signs about Mystic Caverns. If you enjoy seeing a good cave, this is absolutely a must for anyone staying at the Boulder Bluffs. 


Diamond Cave


This Massive and breathtaking cave first opened to the public back in the early 1900’s. The cave used to be home to large tours and people from far and wide would come to visit the cave. At first, the cave was called “Jasper Cave” and was later changed over to Diamond Cave. 


The adventure into the cave was long and extensive given that you could travel four miles deep into the cave. The structures inside of the Diamond cave are absolutely incredible and if you look online, you can find some very old photos of them. There are newspaper clippings of this cave that can be found all around town at local restaurants and museums. The cave was a wonder for all to see. Many people would visit frequently given its unique features that could be found nowhere else. And it was here. In the heart of Jasper!


Since the 1970’s the cave has been shut down. If you ask some of the locals that have lived here their whole lives, they can tell you about how this cave was one of the greatest caves in the world. Many have compared this cave to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. The locals have stories and stories about how this cave was the highlight of their childhood. 


We highly encourage you to strike up some conversations with those who have lived on Reynolds Mountain, the mountain where Boulder Bluffs is located, and in Jasper. You will find some of the most interesting stories when doing so. Each and every person has their own personal story about growing up in this quaint town. They all have stories of their favorite adventures and it is almost like you’ve stepped into a movie each time you sit down to talk with one of the Jasper locals. They enjoy talking about the history of the town and are very good at preserving it. The musinems and historical writings are everywhere.


The Diamond Cave stretches for miles underneath Boulder Bluffs. In Fact, the man who built these cabins’ name was Kelly, hence “Kelly’s Cabin” and he grew up visiting Diamond Cave. Because he built his cabin on this bluff above the cave, he was able to spend much time inside of the cave and explore much of it. He described it as unbelievably tall and unbelievable. “It opens up and the ceiling goes forever!” he would say. 


Multiple events have been held inside of this cave including parties and weddings. Now, you currently cannot gain access to this cave. Unless… You get to know the locals. There are some people in town who know the man who has access to the cave. If you can find him, you can gain access to one of the greatest hidden treasures in the state of Arkansas. If you get inside, by way of tour guide, be sure to take some photos and submit them to Boulder Bluffs or use the hashtag #BoulderBluffs so that we can share your photos.


Please do not voluntarily visit the Diamond Cave as it is indeed personal property. This is someone’s land and buildings and the property does have a gate and fence. The challenge is finding the right person with the right key. Let the challenge begin.


If you do in fact explore the areas around Boulder Bluffs, you can run across many caverns and coves. There are no caves that have been discovered yet but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be the one to discover it. If you do in fact discover a cave, it may wind up being named after you. So… Why not explore?! The world is your… Cave!