8 Dog Friendly Trails Near The Buffalo River

Dog at Boulder Bluffs CabinsBringing your pup along for the hike is one of the best parts about visiting the Buffalo River! We completely understand that and personally take our Golden-doodle Rosie everywhere we go! There are trails all over the Jasper, Ponca, and Buffalo River regions but not all trails are dog friendly. Thankfully, the list of dog friendly trails near the Buffalo River are absolutely incredible and you don’t have to sacrifice views in order to bring your pooch! Check out 8 of the most friendly dog trails near The Buffalo River!

1. The Whitaker Point Trail

One of the most well known views in all of the Ozarks, Whitaker point is

Whitaker Point Trail

one of the most popular trails in the area. And YES! It is dog friendly! On any given day, you will find people hiking this three mile (Round Trip) trail. It never disappoints no matter the season. That is why it has been photographed more times than any other point in Arkansas! Whether you watch the sun setting in the valley or the fog flowing through the valley, you always have the best seat in the house at Whitaker Point.

2. The Glory Hole Trail


Love short hikes and INCREDIBLE waterfalls? Us too. And so do our pups! That is why we are OBSESSED with The Glory Hole Trail. This hike is only 2 miles (Round Trip) but will be considered a moderate hike due to the terrain. This trail is extremely popular due to the 30 Foot waterfall at the end of the trail. The bluff extends well above and beyond the trail and the flow of water over many years has created a hole in the bluff. The hole results in a waterfall like no others in Arkansas! It truly is one of a kind!

3. The Smith Creek Preserve Trail

Another short trail that is considered moderate due to the terrain, the Smith Creek Preserve Trail is yet another one of the dog friendly trails near the Buffalo River! This trail, like the Glory Hole Trail, is just 2 miles (Round Trip). Covered in different water features, massive bluffs, and wildlife, the Smith Creek Preserve Trail is absolutely a fan favorite for our dog lovers and photographers alike! There is never a dull moment out on this trail and it is one of the top 3 most popular dog friendly trails near the Buffalo River!

4. The Alum Cove Natural Bridge Trail

In the middle of the National Forests of the Ozarks, you will find a naturally created bridge like you’ve never seen before! You and your pups are sure to love every second of this hike! This is one of the easiest hikes on the list at only 1.1 Miles (Round Trip). You can not only get to great spots to take photos of the unique arch but you can also get to the arch itself with this trail! This bridge has attracted photographers from all over the U.S. and is one of the many wonders of the Natural State. Once you reach the arch, you can either turn around and go back the way you came or you can keep following the incredible trail which will take you down a beautiful hike under the arch itself. Your pooches will love this one!

5. The Pedestal Rocks Trail and The Kings Bluff Trail

Looking for a bit of variety and for dog friendly trails near the Buffalo River? This is just the spot for you! These two trails are located in the same geographical location and they give you the option to choose one or both of these short and enjoyable trails! They are roughly 2 miles (Round Trip) and have some of the most unique views in Arkansas! With the Pedestal Rocks Trail, you and your pups will find rock formations like none other in the state! When you travel down the Kings Bluff Trail you can enjoy a long bluff that spans across the Ozarks. And it has a waterfall!

6. The Sam’s Throne Trail

A slightly more difficult trail usually traveled by rock climbers from all over the nation! This trail is friendly to your dogs and also has many activities! If you do choose to climb rocks while at Sam’s Throne, please use extreme care and use professional gear! It is a nice 2 mile (Round Trip) hike that your pups are sure to love!

7. The Round Top Mountain Trail

Love hiking and history? This is the trail for you! You can find what is left of a World War Two bomber that crash landed way back in 1948. This trail is hiked by dog lovers and history buffs alike! There are many views of the plane and the incredible valley that is nearby! This may be considered a longer hike to some coming in at 3.5 miles (Round Trip). Bird watchers and photographers will enjoy every single second of their hike along this trail!

8. The Trails At Boulder Bluffs

Dog at Boulder Bluffs CabinsBoulder Bluffs is 26 Acres of beautiful Ozark Forest! Not only is there plenty of land to explore, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee with your pup on the iron deck! Boulder Bluffs loves furry friends and has plenty of dog friendly trails near the buffalo river. You can learn more about us at BoulderBluffs.com where you can see what cabins we may have available for your upcoming Buffalo River trip!


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